A short time ago in a movie theater far far away… CenterBridge Planning Group welcomed over 200 clients, family and friends for a private screening of The Last Skywalker, the latest and final installment in the Star Wars saga. “We love working for our clients,” said CenterBridge managing partner, Pat Mahardy. “This is our way of saying thank you.” 

Guests were greeted at the theater by a friendly Stormtrooper who took pictures with avid fans as they arrived. After grabbing their complimentary popcorn, soda, and candy, guests filed into the sold-out theater to look for the perfect seat to enjoy the show.

Two hours and twenty-two minutes later, after the last lightsaber was sheathed, the crowd erupted in applause as The Last Skywalker came to a close.  It was an extra special time for some as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was the first movie they saw in theaters back in 1977, now here they were getting to experience the final episode with their own kids and grandchildren.

The special pre-release screening of the movie turned out to be an overwhelming success and a wonderful chance to celebrate another great year at CenterBridge Planning Group.