In early April this year, CenterBridge partners Joe Lazzaro and Pat Mahardy invited approximately 20 clients to a retirement-readiness session called Mindful Retirement at the Mirbeau Inn & Spa in Skaneateles. Joni Youngwirth, a managing principal with our back-office partner Commonwealth Financial Network®, delivered a wonderful interactive presentation on the disconnect between financial security and happiness that may occur after the end of a long career. Joni explained that a Mindful Retirement has its foundation based not only upon investments and projections, but upon a sound understanding and preparedness for the life changes that come with this major transition. The potential loss of recognition, socialization, time management, and a sense of purpose are real risks that could affect happiness, health, wellness, and ultimately wealth. Joni had a great point about “gremlins,or issues, that we all carry with us throughout our lives. The aging process and major life change can sometimes erode control over our gremlins, which may lead to a deterioration in our close relationships and outlook on life. Joni gave us the tools and exercises to recognize retirement as a process requiring a positive attitude, expectation of change, clarification of what’s most important, and ultimately a written game plan.

Joni has delivered Mindful Retirement workshops all across the country.

The Mirbeau Inn & Spa offered a beautiful and picturesque venue, perfect for a Mindful Retirement discussion. After the session, everyone gathered in the bar area where the venue put out a wonderful spread of food, and good times were had by all. Joe and Pat were pleased to see the enthusiasm and engagement from our client attendees, and very grateful that Joni made the trip all the way from Boston, MA. Based on our experience, importance of the topic, and feedback from our clients, CenterBridge Planning Group plans on hosting more Mindful Retirement events in the future.

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